Adobe Illustrator Practice 1: Dallas Cowboys

Adobe Illustrator Practice My Adobe Illustrator Dallas Cowboys Logo Dallas Cowboys logo on  I chose the Cowboys mainly because of it simplicity. I didn’t want to jump into something too difficult as I learn more about logo design. The Cowboys have the best logo in sports in my opinion for its sheer basic premise. No other teams use a rudimentary shape as their logo. It’s as taking a circle or a square and using it to represent your sports team. […]

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Social Media Loves Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football Trends High on Social Media The sports social media scene was abuzz on Thursday about one thing and one thing only. Johnny Manziel. From what I monitored, he was trending on Twitter before kickoff. He was trending when he and the Browns offense looked awful to begin with. He was trending even more when he orchestrated a 92-yard touchdown producing drive to end the first half. That produced a social media moment where he did a Cristiano Ronaldo […]

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Social Media Spreads LeBron’s Jersey Rip

LeBron’s Jersey Rip Blows Up Social Media Outlets The NBA has a little problem on their hands. Their biggest star finally showed his extreme displeasure with an on court item that the league has been integrating (some say forcing) into the game. The jerseys are for sale to the fans. Every team has at least one sleeved jersey alternate in their rotation. I’m sure the NBA executives who came up with these jerseys are not very happy with what occurred in […]

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YinzCam Takes on the NBA

YinzCam proving they are ballers. Big props to a fellow Pittsburgh company YinzCam, as it’s been announced that they will take over 22 NBA team’s official apps. This adds to an already impressive roster of clients that includes teams in the NFL, NHL, NRL, NCAA, CFL. They also pair with many major events like the Super Bowl and NBA All Star Game and major venues like Gillette Stadium, Soldier Field and Sports Authority Field at Mile High. According to YinzCam’s website […]

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Twitter: Is Your Team Using It Effectivley

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools a team can use to connect with a fan base. Twitter is free which makes an essential resource that any team at any level can utilize no matter of budget levels. Twitter has become such an everyday norm that “tweet” and “tweeting” are recognized terms on and A dedicated person, whether a full time staff member or an intern of the team, who plans and executes Twitter best practices can bring ultimate […]

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